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Rouzbeh Fadavi

Rouzbeh Fadavi

Born in 1360, graduated in architecture from 'Sura University' in Tehran.
With 25 years of experience in the field of music and 22 years of playing drums, Rouzbeh Fadavi works as a composer and drummer with the "Quartet Diminished" group. The result of this collaboration, in addition to domestic concerts and four European tours, is the release of three albums with the names "Station One", "Station Two" and "Station Three" published by "Hermes". Also, as a member of the "10or Trio" group, he has a history of participating in the Berlin Festival, performing domestic concerts and recording in the studio. In addition, his activity in his academic field, which is architecture, has a history of ten years.

For years, Rouzbeh Fadavi has been looking for a platform that can connect music and architecture, a connection that embodies the abstraction of music in the visual recognition of architecture. Finally, this goal was realized in the context of "Alchemist" and he, then was able to present the extract of his experiences in both fields in this brand.
Rouzbeh Fadavi is a drummer and has come to tie together creativity and accuracy!


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