Alchemist’s story:
He drew an arrow from the bow.
Drummer: born in the sixties… like an arrowhead, delicate and precise. Drums was the essence of his life, a concern from long ago; And playing it was never separated from learning… and teaching. The story started from his classroom; He had a friend whom he knew from a distance: a pharmacist, obsessed with drums. Every now and then, they used to talk about anything they came up with. It was during these conversations that the drummer once complained: “I don’t know why, despite all the drummers and drumming students in Iran, accessories for this instrument are so hard to find… We must have everything to our everything!” He complained and passed, but… Pharmacist: Born in the fifties… I am determined like an arrow.
A few days after that conversation, he called the drummer one night: “Master, why don’t we make it ourselves?” The pharmacist was a man of making; He had already tasted the joy and excitement of building, and no goal could escape his eyes. But the drummer was hesitant, he wanted to build the best or not at all: “It’s an interesting idea… but a brand, apart from capital and raw materials, also needs a strategy.” – You are right… a third person should be with us; The one who provides a plan for making and introducing the product. – Yes, but I don’t know such a person… or maybe I do…? Strategist: born in the seventies… like an arrow, ambitious. He was friend of the drummer. Over the years, he had tried different jobs and, in particular, had moved around a lot in the worlds of design. In the same way, he had learned and tested the promotion of a brand from zero to completion for the production and promotion of his products. In fact, he was the third person they wanted.

The arrow was released from the bow.

Three generations, one arrow: arrow, club and feather.

The main core of the brand was formed and these three people sat together many times in long meetings and said and heard; They measured their abilities and possibilities and checked the needs and demands of the audience. They thought together and planned together. They tested the plans and re-planned… and finally, they let go of the arrow