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Shahin Kimiagar

Shahin kimiagar

Chairman of the Board
Born in 1349, graduated with a doctorate in professional pharmacy from Tehran Islamic Azad University of Medical Sciences, with an MBA from Strathclyde University in Scotland.
Shahin Kimiagar has worked in multinational pharmaceutical companies for the past two decades. Among other things, he has worked for many years in the management position of the Swiss pharmaceutical company "Novartis" and also in the Swiss company "Roche". His interest in the drum instrument encouraged him to learn this instrument.In the way of music training, he realized that most of the drum accessories are not produced in Iran and the musicians are facing problems to get them. This issue became an incentive to produce these products and made him implement this idea together with two friends and form the initial core of "Alchemist".
Shahin Kimiagar is a chemist and came to tie chemistry and art together!

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