Kasra Salehi

Kasri Salehi is a composer, professional musician of drum and handpan, author of educational books, artist of Kita Pentam Company, artist of V Classic Cymbal Company and professional translator of music. Born on August 17, 1366 in Isfahan city. At the age of 6, he started learning the piano from his older brother Kaveh. From the age of 12, he started learning to compose and arrange music, as well as playing the classical guitar.

He started playing the drums at the age of 15 and chose the drum as his main and specialized instrument. At the age of 20, he completed his studies in the field of English translation in the city of Isfahan, and at the age of 24, he traveled to Europe to pursue his academic and specialized studies in the field of drumming in the jazz fusion branch at the best music university in Italy, Saint Louis College of Music and then after returning to Iran at the age of 30, he established Isfahan Drums School located iSepahan Sina Music Academy in Isfahan city.

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