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Mohammad Ketabi

Mohammad Ketabi

Strategist, member of the board of directors

Born in 1990, graduated in architecture from 'University of Science and Culture' in Tehran. After working in the field of architecture for three years, Mohammad Ketabi turned to industrial design in pursuit of shaping his dreams and founded the "Mohacut" brand in 2015. His curiosity for new experiences and the need to adapt to the turbulent Iranian market made him change the overall structure of Mohaqat three times: from the production of handmade products to the mass production of lamps and finally the production of lamps with unique designes. It was during these changes that he became interested in strategy design, branding and product development.
His studies in this field and his many trials and errors provided the necessary knowledge and experience for his activity as a strategist, and this led to his presence in the initial core of "Alchemist".


Mohammad Ketabi is a designer who came to connect reality and ambition!


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