The role of rudiments – Introducing the Catalyst training pad

Alchemist introduces the Catalyst practice pad

This pad will play a key role for art students in practice and rudiment types. Rudiments are the most important thing in playing drums. They are the foundation of all percussion instruments and should not be ignored. A drummer must know all the Rudiments and be able to perform them without hesitation. If you as a drummer do not practice the Rudiments, you have limited your skill and ability. Let’s take a closer look and see why Rudiments are so important to practice. They are basically the basis of playing the drums, the basis of controlling the sticks and the movement of the wrists. There are many Rudiments. They may seem like a lot, but many of them are similar and have little differences. Rudiments should be practiced on a pad or snare; They simply help you develop your finger and wrist movement for speed, strength, control, and independence.

“Catalyst” training pad evokes conditions close to reality when playing on the snare, and in addition to more concentration, provides the musician with an opportunity to constantly improve the speed and quality of his playing.
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